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The Credit Guy Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Todd Ossenfort

Todd Ossenfort is the Official Credit Guy. Published in various magazines and newspapers, Ossenfort works to help struggling consumers eliminate consumer debt.

Todd Ossenfort - The Credit Guy

Todd Ossenfort - The Credit Guy

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Todd Ossenfort, otherwise known as The Credit Guy, has made his professional career to help those struggling with debt and credit, work agressively to get out of debt.  

Todd has been highly involved in a number of initiatives to develop new products for the debt management community.  He is a consumer advocate and works closely with a large number of creditors to find solutions to today's difficult credit and debt concerns.

Todd has been published on a variety of news websites including Fox Business, CreditCards.com, The Arizona Daily Star, and more.  He provides logical, time tested approaches to debt management while at the same time works closely with consumers to advocate new methods for managing debt, that meet both the expectations of the consumer as well as the creditor.

Todd lives in Rapid City with his wife, Laca, and has three children.